2019 Space Moments

2019 Space Moments:


Chandrayaan 2:

  • It was one of the most anticipated space missions in India’s country's history.
  • The mission ended with huge disappointment when Chandrayaan 2's lander, Vikram, lost communication with the ground stations.
  • The only success in the entire mission was the fact that the Orbiter component of Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft made it to the moon without any glitch.


Mission Shakti:

  • On March 27, DRDO conducted Mission Shakti, an anti-satellite missile test, from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island launch complex.
  • One of India’s existing satellites operating in lower orbit used in the mission.
  • The test was successful on all parameters. India has made it clear that its space capabilities aren’t directed against anyone and the government is committed to safeguarding the country’s national security interest.
  • India has successfully demonstrated its capability to intercept a satellite in outer space based on indigenous technology.
  • India now joins a select group of nations — USA, Russia and China — with a similar technology.

Change e 4:

  • China created history this year by being the first country to make a soft landing on the moon's far side.
  • Chang'e 4 is a robotic spacecraft mission, part of the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.
  • It achieved the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon, on 3 January 2019.
  • This has not been possible yet because the moon blocks all signals to our planet.
  • After nearly an year, the lander and rover are still sending back pictures and data related to the moon's surface and atmosphere.


Israel’s Beresheet lender mission

  • Isreal also attempted to reach the moon with its privately funded Beresheet robotic lander.
  • Isreal was very close to completing the mission when Beresheet crashed only 489 feet above the lunar surface.
  • The project was SpaceIL and Isreal Aerospace Industriesl, who have plans to conduct another mission to another location.